Daily Archives: October 10, 2016

Weekly News


Here are some of the things we will be working on this week:


  • Continuing to write small moment stories – Think of an Idea, Plan, Write, Revise
  • Adding detail to stories by studying books to find the authors craft (pop out words, ellipses, exact actions).
  • Editing
  • Reading Strategies – try it both ways, use the picture, look at all parts of the word
  • Building Good Reading Habits – Introducing books, Partners helping choose strategies to solve unknown words.
  • Word Work – focus depends on each child’s specific spelling list


  • Adding and subtracting within 20.
  • Building fluency with addition and subtraction facts to 10 through games and math sprints.
  • Finding multiple ways to break apart a number (ex: 8+0=8, 7+1=8, 6+2=8, 5+3=8, 4+4=8)
  • Finding the unknown number in an equation (ex: 8 +? = 11, 5 = 􀃍 – 3, 6 + 6 = 􀃍)
  • Word Problems


  • Living things
  • Parts of a plant
  • What do plants need

Home Connection

  • Practice skip counting by 2s and 5s  when driving in the car
  • Read for 20 minutes each night and record in the Reading Log
  • Retell the most important parts of the story in order
  • Practice writing spelling words in sentences
  • Be a word detective and look for your spelling pattern (ex: -an words) and sight words in books you are reading
  • Practice reading sight words 
  • Check out some of the cool apps and website that are on the blog!!!

Important Dates and Reminders

  • October 12 – 9:00am Start (Please pack a snack as students are often hungry before lunch)
  • October 26-27 Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Send personal headphones to school (if you haven’t already)
  • Fill out the Contact Form to share your contact information with other parents
  • Art has changed days and times. See the new times here.
  • Pack enough healthy food for snack and recess so your child is not hungry throughout the day.