Weekly News


Here are some of the things we will be working on this week:


  • Fancying up our How-To books
  • Word Detectives – using everything we know to solve unknown words
  • Word Work


  • Subtraction
  • Subtraction Word Problems


  • Patterns in the sky (sun, moon, stars)
  • The difference between day and night

Home Connection

  • Practice addition math facts
  • Read for 20 minutes each night and record in the Reading Log
  • Retell the most important parts of the story in order
  • Practice sight words from individual lists (if applicable). Students need to be able to say these words in a snap! To help students remember, try having them read the word, spell the word and write the word.

Important Dates and Reminders

  • December 7 – 9:00am start
  • December 12 – No School
  • December 15 – 11:30am Dismissal (No play dates on buses due to over crowding)
  • Fill out the Contact Form to share your contact information with other parents.
  • Brrr – As the weather gets colder, please make sure your child wears warm clothes (like a jacket) to school!

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