Weekly News


Here’s what we are working on this week:


  • Taking charge of our reading by noticing tricky words and asking “Does it look right?”,“Does it sound right?”, “Does it make sense?”.
  • Make movies to picture what is happening in stories.
  • Writing reviews – adding Introductions and Conclusions and working together to edit writing.
  • Specific word work


  • Distinguishing between defining attributes vs. non-defining attributes of shapes.
  • Partitioning circles and rectangles into 2 and 4 equal shares and describe the shares using the words halves, fourths, and quarters.
  • Addition fluency

Social Studies

  • Giving and following directions (right, left, straight)

Home Connection

  • Read for 20 minutes each night and record in the Reading Log.
  • Retell the beginning, middle and end of the story you are reading.
  • Practice word patterns by sorting weekly word cards.
  • Practice your math flash cards.

Important Dates and Reminders

  • May 1 – May 4 – Earth Week
        TuesdayNo plastic bag/bottle day and Pick up trash day (reusable plastic water bottles are okay!)
        Wednesday: Reduce water day 
        Thursday: Recycle art day. As a class, we will be creating paper mache representations of the Earth. If you have old newspapers, could you please send them to school before Thursday.
  • May 3 – 9am start
  • May 18 – ES Book Swap (more information here)
  • May 25 – No School

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